Grande Cheese!!!

I have been using Grande Cheese for several years. I love there product, but I am running into problems with nailing down the supply chain. Several other pizza experts have suggested cheeses with similiar melting characteristics, and buttery flavor. I don’t mind paying $2.20 a pound for cheese. Does anyone have any ideas on comparitive cheeses.

I use Grande cheese also, mostly whole milk mozzeralla, have used some cheddar mix and next week the 50/50 provolone blend.
I am in Quartzsite, AZ so I can do this, a pretty resiluent crowd, “google” it and you will see.

My customers appreciate the Grande cheese, the 100% club I appreciate, and I think, Grande will address and inconsistent product. The cheaper generics, from my limited experience, has not for me and may not.

It will take me longer to break even, but the apprteciation and loyalty from my customers is priceless to me.

By the way, I have uesed generic seemalikes without satisfaction, I presume Grande will make it good., at this point, I have never had a problem.

If there is a better cheeese than Grande, all aspects considered, I am willing to change, they have done right by me.
…we have been drinking some beer… excuse,


I believe that Grande is the best commercial cheese on the market and has been for many many years. I have tried substitutes over the years and I have never had any success. You may pay a little more but I found that 8oz of Grande goes a long way and melts 100% better than other cheeses. I cannot believe that you can’t nail down a supplier as Grande is the largest Mozzarella manufacturer in the country. Have you tried calling Grande direct?

I just spoke with a grande represenative, he appologized, but unfortunately he wont be able to re-open my supply line for another 2 or 3 weeks. Effectively shutting down my restaurant for that time will cause me to lose $5,000 or more in profits per store, and potentially could be catastrophic for my company.
I respected Grande until I had that conversation with their stuttering rep.
At this point, I am on the lookout for some other product. Its unfortunate, but I can’t risk shutting down.
And FYI contrary to what you think, Grande is not the biggest cheese maker in the US.

I used to use Grande cheese as well until my supplier had me sample another cheese. He had me try a brand called Lugano cheese and it was almost identicle in taste and texture. It was also a lot cheaper. Another cheese that is pretty good is Dragone. If you can get Lugano, make the swithch and you won’t regret it. It is made by a a company called Saputo.

Thank you for the input I just sent a request to my supplier. I would appreciate any other suggestions. I have heard of a product called FNA or Faggio, I am really not sure does anyone know what I am talking about.

I cant beleive Grande is giving me such greif. I have been a loyal customer for over 7 years. :frowning:

its not grande but my local gfs store sells a mozz/prov that is excellent

We recently switched to Polly-O. However, it has been very inconsitent. When it’s good, it’s awesome; but when it’s bad, it’s really bad.

Have you tried tracking the manufacturing date of your polly-o cheese? You may find that your supplier is not doing a good job ordering or rotating their stock. They may not even be aware of this. Pay attention to the dates and see if this is what is causing the problem with the inconsistancy. The cook will definatly change with the age,

I switched to Burnett cheese and I love it. Very consistent. A Wisconsin cheese that I get through Sysco.


I am curious, what did the Grande rep apologize for and why the 3 weeks to set up the delivery again ?


He apologized. He eluded to a “Quality Assurance Program” that ensured, that the product gets from their plant, through my provider, to my store in a prescribed fashion.
Its all BS! I have a friend at Peterson’s in Auburn who says they have the Northwest exclusive on the product, and they pick and choose who they want Grande to go too. So now FSA & Peterson’s are in a pissing match. Cause Peterson’s is whining about FSA cutting them out. Grande has told me they will sell to FSA for my stores, but its going to take a few weeks. In the mean time he called me back, and said he is going to force Peterson’s to sell FSA the product as they have been doing forever.