Grande Cheese

For those of you that use Grande cheese do you use it alone or mix it with other cheese?

I use their WM Mozz alone…never tried cutting it with anything.

I have been useing Grande East Coast Blend Diced
For about a year.I think this is the best chesse…
Yep Its Whole and part skim milk…
To me its only a few dollars more on a 30lb case…Six 5lb Bags to a case.
I have tasted diffenant locals and none I can tell use Grande.
I had a veal hero last week and the Chesse was not anywhere as good as grande.
I guess that business will not be around in the near future…
I cannot see any chesse being better then Grande east coast blend

I know this will probably piss alot of you off…sorry! Grande…Starbucks…Kripsycream…yaddie…yaddie…yaddie! I only use their ricotta. Have the G.Rep stop by often with samples trying to get my business. I do not use it…never will. And the Rep. even commented on how good my dough, sauce, and CHESSE is. There are other chesses out there that surpass the GCheese. It’s not all about the name…it’s about the taste, prestentation, and preformance. Oh, and cost for an AWESOME product without the G.Name.

So what is this cheese that you speak of???

yeah, I’m curious too.

there are a lot of decient cheeses out there, I think that in my opinion grande surpases all of them.
grande is the most expensive cheese out there BUT it does deliver. I have tested it against many cheeses and it performs well everytime. one great selling point is against every cheese GRANDE loooks and taste the best 30 minutes after coming out of the oven…this to me is important to me because of deliverys and events…
I am interested in trying the east coast blend though

I guess he cannot answer what is his better chesse then our Grande.
I know there are many good chesse out there but known looks or taste as good.
yep try the East Coast Blend and I am sure you will be happy.
Last time I was at my distubor ,I got the last case of East Coast Blend Diced that they had.
As I said before,I try differant places to see how the pizza and chesse is,and I know known use grande.
They are trying to save a few pennys on chesse,why don’t they just increase their price if they know they have a great pizza???Jt

As I Said…I would probably piss a few of you off…OH WELL :twisted:

BTW - not a HE, I am a Female, with an Awesome made from scratch (everyday) product. No frozen dough here, in addition to my own sauce and, I shread my own cheese.

So sorry to upset U…Smile and say CHEESE :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeaaaaaa saying your cheese is better then Grande???
Let us know the brand you use,maybe you don’t want to say since that was your second post…Jt

Seriously, creampuff, what is the brand? Shredding your own cheese does not mean you make your own.

I would love to know what you use as well? Pretty Please With Sugar On Top?

Sounds like a person that is afraid to say the brand because
she will know that we as experts will most likely say something bad about the chesse she uses…
Many people enjoy eating at McDonalds or burger King.
but to us many will not step foot into a place like that for a real dinner with friends…
I didnot know that they made pizza or know how in the Arkansas areas.
But what is good for you in Arkansas I am sure its no where near as good in NYC ,TX AZ and some parts of Calif

Get over it cupcake :lol:

Geee why are you trying to make a pizza?
i thought Arkansas was a place where people look for
Dimonds in parks???
Geeeeee I would feel out of place in a area like that and I am sure the people in
Arkansas have not really tasted realllllllll pizza like we all have…
Where do you get you water to make your dough???
The Missasippi river yukkkkkkkk

Great pizza can be made anywhere, johnnytuinals.

creampuff, how about it? Which brand have you found?

johnnytuinals Posted: Mon Aug 11, 2008 8:48 pm Post subject: Re: Grande Cheese

Where do you get you water to make your dough???
The Missasippi river yukkkkkkkk

As opposed to the HUDSON??? Do you have to increase the hydration rate due to the sludge factor?

Mine is manufactured by Saputo and Winona (A wisconsin co), and my blend fares far better in my ovens than Grande did. It was a nice cheese, but our blend including provolone was superior in baking and flavor on our pies with our sauce.

West Georgia . . . Chattahoochee River. :slight_smile:

Gzzzzzz I enjoy the taste of the water from the HUDSON.
Just because the water comes out dark brown does not maen the
water is bad.Maybe thats what makes the dough so good

Creampuff…you aren’t pissing me off…I just wish you were my competition instead of the other quality focused competitors I’m up against. Oh well!