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Anyone else who is using Grande get their promotional items? I get them without asking and think they are plain ridiculous and look terrible. I do believe it is a superior product, however in all their marketing products they don’t actually tell why, just say its better. Does anyone actually hang them in their shop?
It drives me crazy to pay the higher price and know they are wasting money on this garbage. The customer that cares that you are using grande is not going to give two cents because a poster says its better, they want to know why its better. I have told my grande rep this, but obviously they are not listening by huge display framed posters I received today. Sorry for the rant

From the customer stand point I would rather just know that what I was eating is good. I think large posters and ads like that in restaurants are a waste. Only a very small percentage will even care what name is behind their food but a majority will care how good it tastes and what it costs. I think small and unique ads or descriptions of “why” you are better is a good way too go. Little stories on your menus that are conversation pieces work better than a wall of posters. Now I will admit that even our family business as a mfg did the same thing. I think it has a lot to do with old school marketing and ad people that deal will the production side of food over the retail side. Is it a total waste of money… not 100% but I think you can put those dollars in better areas to get the attention of the public. Will it change… doubtful! :roll:

I have used their posters in the past, but also use the stickers and on occassion their pre printed flyers. Being a former marketing VP turned pizzeria owner I can see both opinions being valid. Yes the customer has no freaking idea who Grande is…but that could be our fault if we do not communicate that we only use the best quality ingredients and what makes our cheese better then high moisture or part wax.

The only one I don’t care for is the HUGE framed unit with all about Grande on it. As for the food pics…they serve a purpose to fill space on the walls.

I guess the use of these materials are what one make of it…it’s up to us to inform the customer about our quality of ingredients…the collateral material is just wall coverings.

so i have to ask what is your food cost on your 30 inch monster? what do you sell it for?
and has anyone ever ate one by themselves?

Food and labor is about $20.00 but it sells for $39.99

Funny question, I have always shyed away from the pizza-eating contest but have been asked if we have one. I guess it’s just one more thing on my plate and it’s hard now that we are producing our own allergen-free crust and that has sort of consumed our life.

I completely agree - the grande stickers etc. are useless. Better ingredients are only better if you tell the customer why. We issue a challenge frequently - we tell guests to ask the other pizza places what type of cheese they use. Invariably, the server is dumbfounded and says something about how they get it from Sysco or RD. My servers, on the other hand, are trained about the quality of our ingredients and WHY those ingredients are superior. A little storytelling goes a LONG way. We may even stretch the truth a bit here and there E.g. we explain how are cheese is made with Grade A milk rather than Grade B or lower milk (which is deemed unfit to drink). Of course, most Mozarella is made with Grade A milk, but we don’t tell them that part :slight_smile:

I firmly believe that, in order to charge more than the chains for pizza, you cannot just let the high quality of your product stand on its own. The guests must be educated! When I drop a pie, I almost always comment about one or more of the toppings to highlight quality - e.g. “we use locally made sausage that goes on our pizza fresh”. It’s a lot more difficult than the usual frozen sausage pellets, but we think its worth it." And so forth…

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“Of course, most Mozarella is made with Grade A milk, but we don’t tell them that part”

That pretty much sums it up.

You put quality or value behind the higher price charged. That is key to selling anything. The salesman that just says our product is more expensive because it is better… the customer hears “MORE MONEY!” and nothing else. Put that story about why it costs more and the “features and benefits”, now thats a car sales term…but it fits…behind your higher price and you make the sale. The customer also feels better about paying more when they have a little understanding of why they are paying more. This also helps the “cheap” customer justify paying more than they normally would. :mrgreen:

are you talking about your customers or GRANDES?