Grande Prices

For those of you using it, what are you paying? Not looking for a grande debate. Thanks

$2.64/lb last week. Mozz at Restaurant Depot is at $2.04.

What are you paying?

$2.33 whole milk loaf. coming in tommorow

$2.55 a pound. Indie pizza, I have noticed we seem to pay higher in this part of the country.

Who are you using AJ? I’ve had quotes from pretty much everyone that services our area and they’ve all been a fair amount higher on the Grande than my current supplier (EVCO).

I payed 2.77 a pound for a case of diced East Coast blend. I am in MA and this place is the only place in MA that sells the Grande cheeses, so I am happy. If I were to buy it from it would of cost me $155.76 instead I payed $83.14 for a case. :mrgreen:

so what are we paying for grande now?

$2.59 East Coast Blend

Just bought a case of 50/50 Mozz/Prov for 2.43 a pound.