grande question

we use Primo gusto from GFS/ the mozz prov blend (diced) 2.00 a pound
Grande is 2.40 a pound…I used grande a LONG time ago
our cheese we use is pretty good but I remember grsnde holding an exceptionally longer.
do you think its worth the extra .40 a pound?
I do remeber that grande offered a few bonuses but I am a VERY small guy, 40-50 pounds of cheese a week

Wow, you are even smaller than me, when open I use around 100 pounds weekly and I use Grande cheese, pay closer to $3 per pound for the mozz/provolone/cheddar blend diced…only one supplier here from me in AZ, could be why higher $
Anyway, I have used a few cheeses and prefer Grande…some of the house brands were OK for a while, then, big, bad change, When it’s generic, too bad for the users, at least with Grande, they will make it “good”, I think,

larger players do not use it because of costs, so it is one easier way I can be better for my customers. I get a lot of customer comments on the cheese…they did not realize how “bland” the other pizzas were til they had mine…that is definitely worth a quarter or so a pizza more to me


sorry math was off we use 9-10 cases 20 lb cases, probably still way under you…180-200lbs

We blend Grande whole milk & the GFS brand, in equal parts (diced)…works great!

Ouch… are you buying it already shredded or blocked? i’m paying 2.09 for grande blocks. and the other stuff i blend with that is 1.79 blocks

I use 150 - 200 # of Grande 50/50 blend shredded mozz prov and I a a take & bake I like it because it can tackle the abuse and longer cooking time in a home oven and it take alot to burn the cheese. Right now I a paying $2.29 a pound :lol:

mine is shredded

We use grande 50/50. we pay 2.13 a pound. We sampled the gfs 50/50 but it didn’t taste right on our product. Was really surprised because the last chain I headed we sampled the grande 50/50 and on that product the taste was indistinguishable. We went with gfs then only for price difference. We thought we might do the same now but were horrified at the taste difference with this dough and sauce.

I am in the greate Cincy, OH area and have not been able to find a local distributor that will get me some Grande cheese. So I am stuck with the GFS 50/50 mozz/provo blend–ok but bland. I called the 800 Grande number, but all I got was the run around. Are any of you in the Cincy area getting Grande cheese, and if so, from where. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Pizza Bob