Grande test today

Today I bought a case of Grande whole milk prov/mozz $82.50

tested it against my Sorrento authentic blend…same mix 50/50 $76.50

it is clear that the Grande has a more buttery flavor and more solids…thicker if you will…

the problem I had is that when you eat the pie the cheese pulls off the crust because it is more substantial…it is also more oily…

all in all I don;t think I will switch…the sorrento has a nice taste…and eats very nice…also has a feather shredd which may
help it from becoming too thick… I used 6 oz on a 12 and 8 oz on a 14


Grande does not add the cellulose to keep the cheese from caking
I do not like when in the bottom of the pan that there is as much cellulose as there is cheese…with Grande, it is all cheese, and the caking has not been a problem with me…
Sorrento is a good cheese, I have used it, wish they did not add the cellulose,


Shave off 2 ounces when using Grande, and the price will be a lot easier to manage. It will still look, taste, and feel better than the other.

that’s a good point and true,

I will say this we ran grande all week and while it was better I keep asking myself is it THAT much better