Anyone here have any expereince with Granton Marketing or a company associated with them. They print up a coupon nbooklet with MANY strong offers & freebies & then sell them door-to-door for around $25. Good? Bad? Ugly?

Do a search on the archives and you’ll find a lot of information - good and bad. If I recall, it was overwhelmingly bad.

I’ve used them several times, and the initial response in each market was fantastic, but seems to lose its effectiveness after a while. The only issue is that a third party is representing your product and your business, so be very clear with your representative about how they should approach it. Remember, the people selling it are working for commission, so they are more likely to do whatever they can to make a sale, including making false promises or being too pushy. For the most part, they do a good job of finding the right type of people, but you can’t be too sure. I would have to say more good than bad, though. Hope this helps.

Granton nowSmart Circle saved my first store took it from 4500.00 to 8000.00 in about a month. Did it a 2nd time when a Papa johns opened up and it kept my sales at steady even though Papa Johns was being very Aggresive. Now two and a half years later that Papa Johns is closing and I’d have to say a big part of that was our 2nd run w/ granton.

I've done it once w/ second location and it bumped sales about one Thousand  and we've maintained it.

We just signed on to do another campaign w/ our 3rd and newest location.

If I could get them to talk to me I would use them. They seem to be in the Domino’s and Pizza Hut mode around here. Why try to sell the indie when you have the names of the big guys to sell your product? Anyhow, after working for DP for years, I can tell you that their marketing works.