Grates on Pizza Prep Table

At Domino’s I have seen ‘grates’ they have on the pizza prep tables. The ingredients/cheese that falls off the pizza are collected under the grate for re-use.

Can these be purchased? Anyone know what vendor sells them? … tlist.html

The problem with the ones in famouspizzas link is that the widest they sell are 15 inches. If you serve a 16 inch pizza, your toppings fall on the floor. They also don’t seem to sell a catch pan for under the grate.

I had a set custom made for a makeline I purchased from Northern Pizza Equipment. They can have them made as wide and as deep as you like. You could also have someone local weld them for you.

we dont use them…i know it might save on food cost, but I don’t like the idea of collecting for use on pizzas later…what I did use the rails for was to keep the stop the heat transfer for pizzas waiting to be picked on top of my oven…works great, no soggy box

We use them. I would not go any other way. We have three full sheet catch trays. The first is the cheese station. On a busy night, that saves us at least 5 lbs of cheese waste per night. We do get the pepperoni slices out etc from the other trays, but we toss the other stuff.

We purchased a reconditioned Domino’s prep table for my first shop from Northern a few years ago.
They didn’t have any available for my 2nd location so we purchased one new from northern: … kprp95.htm

They also sell just the rails. You put a sheet pan under to catch the toppings. … ppr-30.htm

We keep the cheese and toss the rest.

Thanks for the links.