Grating parmesan cheese....

thinking of getting spiral mixer for dough, VCM for dicing cheese,but without my hobart, how would i grate my wheels of block parmesan cheese ? people love our parm , pre grated parm doesn’t even come close,

For years we ground our own parm. We used the pelican head on our Hobart mixer. If you still have the stuff, you can get a stand alone motor to run the pelican head…

We had to switch to pre ground because at the time we were tired of watching customers pour an entire shaker of Parmesan on their pizza/pasta. Really hurt the bottom line. Pre grated cheese still stings when someone pours an whole container, just not as much. I’d love to slap the guy who decided cheese was free.

Now we give it to tables only on request, but it’s almost 95% requested which doesn’t really solve the issue either.

thats funny ! our customers also use a whole container of parm ! to go customers get a 1 oz container per pizza, then they ask for 3 or 4 more ! also people not only use a whole shaker but grab one from the next table and empty it as well ! still not as bad as when we had all you can eat salad bar,one person would order 1 salad bar and the whole table would eat salad,buying a stand alone motor and pelican head just for the parm, seams like a pain,hmmmm Paul,David,Steve,Richard ??? we can’t give up our secret weapon !

We use a Robot Coupe CL50 for all our side stuff. Produce and shredded cheese. Works great but it does cost. About 2K

I just posted this picture. My daughter actually knows better on the computer! And she posted it. She even knows better than my wife! Thanks David for that post. My daughter is typing this because she types faster! :smiley: ;D

David it looks great for parmesan cheese! :smiley: , do you do your mozzarella also ? 150 lbs ? (or a lot more in your shops) seems small, how about slicing can bacon or sausage ? currently using hobart with a veg chute for all slicing ,keeping meats on a separate slicer ? hmmm extra cleaning, tough to get the cooks to clean 1 slicer ! looks great for veggies , thanks David

We also slice chicken breast and sausage links in the unit. For mozzarella we use a Hobart HCM450. You could do 150lbs of mozza in the Robot Coupe but I think it be a bit too much load on the unit. We shred about 150lbs a week in it. Been using it for about 3 years without any issues ( knock on wood ).

The main motor of A “Robot Coup R2N Ultra” will handle that, but will the operator be able to handle that? Those are some tough machines, I’ve never seen one get killed, i’ve seen people break the interlock from idiocy, but I have never seen one worn out.