hi my name is greg. i just opened up a pizza shop and we were real busy at first. now it seems business is declining. our product is great but people are used to the other places in town that have been there a while. it seems they tried us and now are hit or miss. how do i market them to us. i really need your help. our square pizza is our specialty but they love the round. the problem is i dont have time to throw a hundred doughs in the air on a friday night. please give me a suggestion on how i can get them in the door. i have sent menus all over but no bite.

please write back at gmrperfect@aol.com

I sent this guy an e-mail telling him to register and get into Think Tank. Sounds like he needs help people. Ready!!!


We’d love to help. We would need a little more information about your town/market to give more useful marketing suggestuions. How many people? Households? Competitor pizza places and other restaurants? Colleges? Big Businesses? Radio/TV broadcasters? Apartment buildings and other multi-family dwellings?

These all build a picture we can use to help.