Grease Residue On My Cups

This store was using disposable cups when I took it over, but I switched to reusable plastic cups from our vendor because I hate generating trash. I (or should I say, my customers) noticed today that we’re starting to get a thin, greasy film on the top of drinks. I washed them twice tonight in fresh water with extra soap and still couldn’t get rid of it.

Any suggestions?

it could be your sanitizer isnt mixed right

Do you use a water softner? The water could be the culprit. Are you using a dishwasher or a 3 comp sink?

That is one of the first things I thought of. I owned a bar for several years before this shop and we always used the sanitizer tablets, instead of bleach.

steveo: We’re using a 3 sink system.

If you are using a 3 sink system I would take a look at the detergent you are using. I found that there are some that do a better job of removing grease/oil than others. You may need to use more soap. The first sink is where you should be getting the residue removed from the glasses. The second sink is to get off any soap that is left. The third is to kill any bacteria.

Any brand suggestions? We’re just using “Splash” from Restaurant Depot right now

Some of this may be due to the additives they put in the base plastic to help plastic flow in mold, help plastic harden and/or reduce static when unmolding cups…Are the problems are related to one batch of new cups or every batch? If just one batch, they might have had the additive too heavy…It might take a few runs through the dishwasher to resolve this problem…If it is due to dishwasher chemicals, I can not help…good luck…

So do you have a water softner?