Grease trap again

I dont know much about grease traps… mine is under the sink and its starting to smell all the time… and it keeps leaking on the top because the little tank next to it i guess keeps getting full. What do you guys use for your grease trap what liquid do you pour in in that little tank?

i dont pour anything into mine, just take the lid off and clean the trap out, make sure the rubber seal around the top is not damaged (if it is, that may be causeing the smell to leak out.

When mine started to leak out the top it was due to the outlet chamber being clogged. When the company that was supposed to clean it came they only cleaned the center chamber. I now clean it my self with a shopvac and a steamer. In my grease trap there are three chambers All three must be vacuumed out and cleaned with the steamer. Since i have been doing it myself there has not been a problem with the smell or the leaking out the top.