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I am looking at a space that was previously an ice cream shop. It was not required to have a grease trap. The space is 1,500 sq. ft and according to the city would require anywhere from 500 - 1,000 gallon grease trap (depends on how many sinks, mop sinks, dishwasher etc). Would anyone of you be able to tell me how much you paid for such an install. I understand each city is different I just wanted to get a ballpark figure.

The landlord is out of town so he will not be back until later this month, so I cannot get anyone in there to give me an estimate. I did a walk through just before he left. Plus he has two letter of intents so I am afraid I might lose out on a location I like. If anyone can just give me a ballpark figure I would appreciate it.


Most places make you put in a grease interceptor which is an outside below ground tank vs. the old school traps that attached to sink drains. I know the interceptors are not cheap to put in and the difference in the 2 can be many thousand dollars. Walter

The tank itself will run you 5k to 8k. The install will be 10k to 20k

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$10,000- 20,000 like pirate said

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I remember when a pizza shop did not require a simple floor low capacity geese trap…
Now it is common for jurisdictions to require enormous outside Units.

I costs many thousands to be in the pizza business now.

George Mills

put in a below ground grease interceptor in parking lot 1 year ago, total cost about 15k