Grease Trap

What kind do you have and how do you clean it out?

300 gal in ground tank put enzymes into it sometimes reach in and pull out the big chunks and sometimes a pumper truck will stop by about once a year and we deal for them to pump it out, and by the way I lost almost all of my smelling so I dont mind sticking my head into the pit lol

we use an enzyme and one a year we have someone come clean it out

I have a 10 gallon that sits under the sink. I used to get it pumped out every 2 months then I started using enzymes and now only have to do it every 6 months. This time I have a young “gentleman” who was caught stealing my staffs tip jar from the front counter “volunteer” to clean it by hand under the watchful eye of the young offender probation officer.

Keep in mind that your local “codes” department may dictate how often you will need to clean out the grease trap, if they don’t say anything specifically, once a year is a good bet. Those enzymes really work great as they keep the solids to a minimum so it doesn’t need to be cleaned as often, and for what it’s worth, it doesn’t smell nearly as bad either when you use the enzymes. We use protease enzymes in our grease traps to break down any dough that gets washed down the drain (a real problem for us), you can get this from any BAKERY INGREDIENT SUPPLIER, or you can go to your local hardware store and buy some septic tank enzyme treatment. This stuff has the proper enzymes to break down both solids and grease. Do the treatment regularly, and do it at night when the sinks won’t be used as this will allow plenty of time for the enzymes to do their work, and don’t forget to do a treatment just before you leave if you are going to be closed for a day or so, like for Christmas, as this will allow the enzymes to have a nice leisurly meal on all that goop.
Tom Lehmann/the Dough Doctor

well i need to get some liquid for it because lately it keeps smelling and its under the sink… we clean it out every month i would say because of that … what liquid do you guys use."

Because our is mostly dough going down the drain, we use Protase Tablets from Cain Food Industries, Dallas TX Tel: 214-630-4511, we also use a bacterial septic tank additive that we buy from True Value Hardware at a cost of about $9.00 a bottle. I’ll get you the name of it tomorrow.
I’m sure there are a number of other, and possible better products available, but this is what we are presently using with good success.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I know this is really rudimentary, but have you inspected the lid gasket/seal for condition and wear? We had a big issue with the seal ‘leaking’ gases into the dish room. We came to find out it had pretty much disintegrated and was right up close to useless. I bought a big piece of neoprene rubber and cut my own gasket . . . plenty for additional gaskets and pieces for nearly anything I could want.