Grease Traps

I am in the process of opening a new pizza restaurant and currently working with the city (fun…)
Anyhow, I wanted to see if any of you installed an above ground / in-kitchen grease trap unit vs underground? Who you liked, typical cost, and your strategy with the city… THANKS!!!

I prefer the above-ground easly maintained and if anything goes wrong…its right there.

Thanks for replying! Do you know who it is made by?

Any restaurant supply store should have them.

My suggestion, go with the plastic ones. They are much easier to handle due to their weight and work just fine. Remember to keep it clean!! I got a fine during my last inspection because she thought it was too “greasy”.


I agree above ground so it can be easily maintained. As for the plastic…hmmmmm I wouldn’t go plastic, I didn’t even know they had plastic ones. We have had our metal one at location 1 for 15 years and we got it used. I don’t think the plastic would have that life. Our second location is metal also, found it online just search grease traps.