grease traps

I can’t find the thread, I know we have had the discussion before about grease traps and the maint. of them.

Someone had talked about an enzyme they use in between clean outs. What is it and where can you get them.

Our grease trap has an odor sometimes, will this help?

How often do you have your traps cleaned? We don’t use fryers.



i dont believe that that a grease trap has anything to do with any cooking equiptment…its for the drain from the sinks…As far as i can see looking at mine…

I know it doesn’t have anything to do with the cooking equipment. I put that we don’t use fryers because the majority of restaurants with fryers have more grease going down the drain than a place without fryers.


We have our pest control people handling our grease and septic, they use a biological bug that eats the grease instead of using enzymes. Enzymes tend to make a “tunnel” at the bottom of your pipes where as the bugs tend to eat and clear the entire pipe. They initially shock the receiving septic tank and also cleaned our kitchens greae trap. They maintain it every couple months and it’s working just fine, no odor. We use Erlich in the Pocono Mountains here in PA. Maybe you can contact your local pest agency about this product. I can probably get more information to you if you cant find it.

If you google “Grease Trap Treatments” you can find stuff like this one I bookmarked some months ago. It is not an endorsement of the product, just an example of what I found that is a bacterial product:

We use a bacterial septic tank and drain line cleaner that we buy from True Value Hardware for about $10.00 which is sufficient for about 4-months of regular treatment. It sure helps a lot. Now, when we do the annual cleanout and inspection as required by code, it doesn’t stink so bad that it would gag a maggot. The first time we opened it was due to a complete blockage, and trust me, it was not very sweet smelling. Since we have been using the bacterial cleaner we have never had another complete blockage.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor