Great American Pizza

Have any of you gone away from the Italian thing and go toward emphasizing that you are not Italian. I am thinking of changing my slogan to “Great American Pizza”. We keep adding specialty pizzas and many of them don’t have traditional pizza sauce.

I am also having trouble with decor. I currently don’t have anything up on the walls. (it is a del/co) and would like to add some art, but can’t pick a theme or a look to go with. I was thinking if I changed my slogan and admitted that what I do is not Italian style pizza, I could go with an American theme.

Any input on this would be appreciated. Thanks

Of course, the name of my company is Wheat State Pizza… located in Kansas. Most of the artwork we put up are Kansas landscape photographs from local artists. We HIGHLY emphasize the fact that we’re a Kansas-based company and are not Italian. We even go as far as producing wheat crust.


I had a bare wall screaming for something and group of local artists came to the rescue. They painted a mural in exchange for me paying their booth rental at the Christmas arts and craft sale.

They did a good job and customers often make comments about it.

My place has a theme that’s all based around a logo, a look, and a feel, that just come from my vision of what it should be. And it is NOT classic Italian Pizzeria AT ALL. It actually was kind of hard explaining repeatedly to vendors that NO - I do NOT want red and white checker anything. And NO - the preprinted boxes with Gondoliers will not work for me.

I think you do want to somehow theme your place - but take your time and make it something you’ll love and keep working on and be proud of. The only advice I might offer would be to consider something local to emphasize and to distinguish yourself…

We Dropped the italian look and now look like Tex Mex. Believe it or not, its awsome and people love it.

Believe it or not, but when I first took over my store (from an Italian operator) a smart ass customer asked me if I was Italian. When I said no, he asked “what do you know about pizzas?”. I replied “ask the guy next door in the fish & chip shop if he is a fisherman”. Nice comeback said the customer.

Our shop is far from Italian looking, as is our menu, staff or decor.

We have deep chilli red walls, polished aluminium tables with black wicker chairs and a funky red, black and mustard coloured counter front with a marble black bench top. Funky/modern chrome lighting adds to our look.

Not a dash of red, white and green to be found.


My place is going to be called Monkey Business Eatertainment, so I am going to theme my place to look kind of like a jungle base camp. I am going to use lots of bamboo and thatch, and then I am going to make false window frames out of bamboo and have an artist paint murals inside them so it seems like you are looking out a window that overlooks a jungle. Nothing Italian in our decor at all!

Been to one of these?

THey have animated gorillas and crap. And play thunderstorm audio every 20 minutes. They sell more stuffed animals in the gift shop than you can shake a stick at.
If you DO your theme - you have to get a lot of stuffed monkeys.
Litte ones for kids meals or parties, etc.

Going to offer a Banana Pizza?

Our theme is dedicated to pizza in Grantville. We use our local history and heritage as our general backdrop. Even have pizzas named after historic events and prominent people. We are instensely involved in the community, and make our shop an indispensible, unforgetable part of the landscape.

In our new location, we will continue that with a little different focus. Same community focus . . . different 8’x12’ murals on the walls. No one can forget we a pizzeria . . . and no one can forget we are ensconsed in Grantville.

why… do fisherman have a history of cooking fish and chips? think not!

Do You think I would be diluting my new business if I did something that blends a bw3s, hooters (without the boobs.) and a traditional pizza retaurant

We got a local artist to put her paintings on the walls. They are all for sale and they get rotated. It is win / win and free.

We had a local artist put his paintings on the wall. He put 4 murals 8’x10’ depicting historic scenes of Grantville. People LOVED it. New shop will have some more murals (we painted over the ones we left when evicted). He is outrageously generous, and has actually turned into a local celebrity who makes some money at painting stuff. We’re proud and humbled to have his work. Maybe you can find an aspiring young artist to foster and be his “patron”.

just for the record.Italian themes aren’t red and white checkers,that was from a movie.True Italian looks are extremely beautiful for those of you with out knowledge.You can create really nice scenaries as an Italian Pizzeria.Please don’t forget where the ‘Pizza’ came from.Me personally,I rather go to an Italian Pizzeria and order Italian foods,as I would rather go to a Mexican based Rest.for Mexican foods,again just my opinion,as I also seen what works in a busy Phila. area.


2 questions:

  1. What is “bw3s”?
  2. What’s the point of a hooters without the b**bs?