great book to read "one minute manager"

just read a book called “One minute manager” - and so excited that decided to post book’s title and strongly advise everybody to read it - its small and shouldnt take you long, but an eye-opener. highly-highly recomend who didnt read - do it, it answered a lot of questions for me, explained me mistakes i’ve done in a past managing people. It you did read it - what do you think? - if you highly recommend this read for newbies or who havent read it yet - show your support. It also made me think - if i missed this perfect book, is there more must-read-books that i am missing on? please let me know. And question for everybody - if you had somebody approach you saying they are running and openning shortly a pizzeria, and were asking you to a few book titles that will help them in this - what books whould you advise them to read?

The Goal is one of my favorite books. Easy read novel that really teaches you about bottlenecks in production. I think I read one minute manager years ago, but I’ll have to go back and re read it.

In my previous life I was a Sales Manager (State and then 2 states, then National) and I used the 1 Minute Manager technique. Also got copies for my sales teams. Still have a copy somewhre around here.

Another good one is “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson who co-authored 1 Minute Manager with Kenneth Blanchard.

Each only take an hour to read and are great.


‘who moved my cheese’ …that brought back some memory’s!

After being bought by another large financial service company we were sat down and shown this video as part of our ‘culture migration’ in order to see how we needed to embrace new things (i.e. fit in with there way of working).

Trouble was that was all that they did show us the video nothing else! As a result it was treated as nothing more than a joke and every time something ‘new’ came along everyone simple remarked something about cheese.

When used correctly these things can be great but all to often someone up on high simply doesn’t ‘get it’ and thinks just watching a video, doing one excerise or reading a book in isolation will be a magical cure.

After working for them for 9 years I finally became Head of Training & Development. I inherited cupboards full of videos, training materials and other ‘stuff’ (most of which had cost a small fortune) but which had been used (incorrectly) once and then never saw the light of day again!.

But back to the original posts - One Minute Manager is a great book and part of a great series of books. I’ve not looked at it and the others for years, I think I’ll revisit some of them.

Great Management Book:
How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie

Great Customer Service Book:
Cashing in on complaints by Bill Marvin

Business Manual:
The Owner’s Manual for small business by Rhonda Abrams

Anything By Larry Winget… Start with … “Shut up, Stop Whining, And Get a LIFE.” Funny and lots of “Well DUH” moments.

The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It

I read this and it really applies to us small independent pizza places…

E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber
I was going to tell you about it but this review at amazon sums it up better:
“One of Gerber’s most striking observations is that most small businesses are started by “technicians”, that is people who are skilled at something and who enjoy doing that thing. (A technician can be anything from a computer programmer to plumber to a dog groomer to a musician or lawyer.) When these technicians strike out on their own, they tend to continue doing the work they are skilled at, and ignore the overarching aspects of business. Without clear goals and quantification benchmarks, they soon find themselves overworked, understaffed, and eventually broke. Worst of all, they may come to hate the work they do. Rather than owning a business, they own a job, and they find themselves working for managers who are completely clueless about how to run a business- -themselves.”

If you didn’t read this book please do.

Just read “Grinding It Out” by Ray Crock. Definitely a great read for any entrepreneur. The first hundred pages were definitely more interesting to me because it was the story of how he got to McDonalds.

I just came across a free app for iPhone/iPod touch that has a multitude of business related books. It is Business Classics. Yesterday the price was $9.99 today it is free. included are titles like Think and Grow Rich, The Free Press, and more. I found it on

I hope this is useful to the gang.