Great Towels

We have had many discussions on here about towels. Lots of us use a service, I don’t. I usually buy bar mop towels and bleach them to high heaven and have done that the past 17 years. And it worked good for us.

Well…I was at Sam’s and they were giving samples of a microfiber towel. Bought a batch of them to try. We have offically switched all of them to microfiber. Wow it is awesome. Couple of washes and they are as good as new. No stains…nothing.

One of the other things I have noticed is we get grease streaks on our tables and counter tops. Hard to explain but if you got them you know what I am talking about. Almost looks like crayon but it is from the pizza pans. Wipes it off like nothing. Our walls, tables and equipment have never looked so purrrrty! :mrgreen:

Gonna give them a try, got to be better than the bar mops that turn gray after a month of use.

I use these around the house for cleaning. They are awesome.

Yup…we’re users too. We haven’t used them in the kitchen or dinning room yet, but do keep a stash of them on hand to polish our beer & wine glasses with. I know I know…we’re not “supposed” to towel polish glassware after the sanitizer step, but a nice micro polish leaves them looking perfect and helps maintain that perfect pour!