greek pizza

Hi everyone. Does anyone have a Greek Pizza on their menu? I’m liking the idea of kalamata olives and feta but I’m lost on what sauce and other toppings I should use. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks.

We go simply stereotypical stuff: onion, bell pepper, olive, feta, tomato and chicken with the pizza cheese on top. Tomato sauce is a definite. A little extra oregano sprinkled on if you like.

I am a Greek Pizzeria… We use pizza sauce, motz and Prov, GP, On, Tom, Gyros, and feta people love it. Never had anyone ask for olives but in Cali you might want olives or bannana peppers. We used to put pepperoncini on the side.

We sell a lot of grecian pizzas and calzones… we put: tomato sauce, pizza cheese, garlic, fresh tomatoes, kalamata olives and feta cheese… also a lot of people request onions with theirs… also people love adding eggplant to the grecians, we get that request often also…

nick how well does your greek pizza sell?
how long does feta cheese hold?

you can portion the feta into PC cups & freeze…

Sell maybe 2 to three a week . . . we keep all ingredients for the salads and sandwiches anyway, so it is a keeper just to have the variety. I’m going to price it for using kalamata olives and doubling the chicken to see if we can push sales since it has a good profit contribution.