?_Green: Even heating?!?


I’m struggling keeping an even golden crust. We have a gas brick oven that holds eight large pies on two decks, respectfully. I have access to only half of the lower deck, because its for rolls.

The hottest part of the oven is ontop of very rough bricks, in the back left rear. I think this oven is 25+ years old. The stones are no longer smooth.

When its busy, I have to do more spinning and I know my timing is bad. This resturant has many peakers who open the oven door, when I’m working out the next pizza and not looking.

My question to you is how many pies consecutively, can I make in my hotspot, before it cools down in a night under standard conditions? I guess that is a “feel” question depending on the thickness and temperature of the oven.

If you have any insite in this I’d sure appreciate it.