Green olives handling

I use canned manzanilla olives for pizzas. I use them straight out of the package, stored in food bin, of course. If I were cooking an entree of some sort, I’d rinse them to reduce the brine taste and the sharpness. I leave the residual on for pizza for that added salty character.

Does anyone out there rinse their green/black olives prior to putting them on their prep line? Any other handling prior to prep line?

I just drain mine so the moisture doesn’t transfer to the pizza.

Hello Nick,I use pitted kalamata olives straight out da bucket.We get so many compliments on these olives because no one else uses these in our area and we also use them in our salads.A bit more pricy but comes back 10 fold.

                                   Niccademo        [keep your dough off da cieling]

We drain our black olives but leave the green in the jar they come in and all the juices.

Never had a problem.

Nic, do you use the same portioning as for regular black and/or green olives? With the kalamata beeing a stronger flavor and firmer texture, I’d think you could get good coverage and taste with less product . . . how you doin’ it?