The company Franchise I am with would like for me to use the POS system and company they picked out. This package would cost me 15,000.00 dollars . Today I received one of the printers and I know it was used. It was taken off of someones desk and sent to me as new. This kind of made me untrusting of them. I think for that much money I should get everythin brand new. The systems are Dell computers . I called them and I could get the computers for 7 or 8 thousand dollars or less but not the software to go with my franchises menu. How much work would it be to go with another system and put the menu in myself.
What advise do you give me?
The company may or maynot let me go with another provider but Im just enquiring .
Thank you
T. Murdock

there are many systems out there that would come in well under the system you are being forced into. The thing that many franchises do is set up a reporting system on the POS so they can monitor your sales so they can collect royalties. I highly doubt that you will be allowed to use a different software package.

If you are being charged new price for your equipment insist that you get new in the box equipment. Each Dell system has an ID number that you should be able to check to get the mfg date.

Just as a cost comparison, you can get the full blown Point of success and install yourself for about $900 plus time. This isn’t an endorsement as I don’t have a POS right now. I just mention them for cost comparison. Your $15K would probably include the installation, too.

They probably cannot claim time and labor costs to set up the menu since the very likely have a module/file they just insert into the program that is franchise specific.

It is definitely worth asking the “mother ship” is thisis a requirement and if there are options you can explore.

Looking at things in a different perspective:

Your franchisor has probably made a deal with this $15,000 POS company in which he/she gets a kickback on every POS system sold. They also do the same thing with food suppliers when they negotiate food prices for the “entire” company, including all franchisees. It’s not uncommon and I personally think it’s unfair but that’s the nature of the franchise side of things.

You should’ve been given an “install” date. Usually they give up to a year to have the computers up and running in the store. They should also give you a list of exactly what you’re puchasing for this $15,000 and let you know if it’s new or used equipment.

In most cases you’re probably right when you say you don’t think they’ll let you go a different way with the system because they want consistency in the accounting procedures and reporting. However, you might ask them if there’s a way you can just purchase the software and install onto your own computers. You can get a used, serviceable computer for $100 nowadays. This strategy can save you thousands.

Hope this helps. -J_r0kk