hey steve, when i went o registar for a domain name it says someone already has it. I have checked and DOTSTER comes up when you type it in.
I do get offers to have a broker try o buy it, is this logical? how much is .com worth over .net?
it cost 69.00 just to have them ask? what do you think the cost of the domain will be?
ps domain looking to get is www.rockstarpizza


is available…just use the dash

here is the contact info for .com

Tanguay, Thomas Tanguay@RockStarTV.com
Tanguay Entertainment Inc.
350 S. Cloverdale Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(310) 560-4050

here is the info for .net

Admin Name… RON mathews
Admin Address… 8985 600 north
Admin Address…
Admin Address… Indianapolis
Admin Address… 46221
Admin Address… IN
Admin Address… UNITED STATES
Admin Email… pizzabarn@yahoo.com
Admin Phone… +1.3178210000

Re: rock-star-pizza.com

If you are relying on search engines to bring traffic to your website a .net is not as good as a .com, however, if you put your .net domain on all your marketing material (fridge magnets, menus, pens, door hangers, car signs, pizza boxes) you will get enough of the local traffic you need…RCS…

Re: rock-star-pizza.com

as a web designer I really think there’s not that much of a difference if you use .net or .com as long as you advertize it the right way… also when people are looking for you site thru a search engine as long as your meta tags and keywords are set up right, you should have no problem… I also like using this company when I need to get domains and web space. godaddy.com they are cheap and good…

Re: rock-star-pizza.com

do I just email him and ask hey how much you want for the .com?
if we get a price then what?

Re: rock-star-pizza.com

they may not sell it - ya never know…mostly a “paper-work” xfer after you settle on a cash price - plus you’ll need a domain host, like netsol, or godaddy and someone 2 design the site…

I’d still go with rock-star-pizza.com

and not fool around w/someone else, as you may not get a response…

Hi, Greetings from PMQ’s Webmaster. PMQ has recently switched to a new domain provider at 1and1.com. 1and1 is by far the best value for your money. It is cheaper than godaddy and has more options available like redirecting, forwarding, email addresses, and DNS which is normally an additional cost.

I used http://www.1and1.com for many years and the service and price was excellent…I would not have switched except for a little quirk with the way http://www.google.ca indexes sites…I am in Canada and when the searcher selects “Canada Only” it only lists sites which are hosted on a server that has a Canadian DNS number…I wanted my sites to appear in the “Canada Only” index so I had to switch…RCS…[/url]

hit me up with an email,
pizzabarn at yahoo dot com
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