Grinder Buns

I am looking to offer Grinders as part of my menu in a new delivery\carry-out shop.

I am interested in making my own grinder buns? Does anyone have feedback on whether it is worth it to create my own bun?

What have your experiences been?

What kind of equipment would I need?

Are there any generic recipes\articles for making grinder buns that you might point me to?


Take a look in the RECIPE BANK. I’ve got a very good Hoagie bun formula in there. You might also research it in the Think Tank archives as well as in the In Lehmann’s Terms articles archives. I know that we have discussed grinders/hoagies many times.
You will need to have a supply of 18 X 26 sheet pans as well as a proofer (temperature and humidity controlled cabinet). Set the temperature at 95 to 100F and the humidity at 80 to 85% relative humidity, and the rest is just hand forming the buns. We have worked out a method for baking them in an air impingement oven too. If any of the readers have been to one of the recent NAPICS shows you might have been in one of the classes where we tought everyone how to make the buns and our “oven baked” sandwiches too.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Talk to your food vendor about proof and bakes. There are some really good products available…

Try using your own pizza dough. Form your rolls, put them on a sheet pan, cover with plastic and place them over your oven to proof at least 30 minutes. Remove plastic, spray with water and bake in oven for 20 minutes at 400 degrees.

Tricky part is deciding when to do them as you need the higher temp for your pizza. Remember too, the product cost is nominal, its the labor involved for such low production that can eat you up. Also, you’re adding another level of skill for your employees to form the rolls.

Youtube is your friend for helpful ideas in forming the rolls . . .

Any way, I would start here before experimenting with a completely different recipe.