Grinding cheese in a sausage grinder..?


My little brother worked at a Pizza shop in North West PA that would cube the block cheese then run it through

a sausage grinder attachment on the hobart. Any one do this? Does it make sense?

I might try some out on my test grinder…don’t want to make a mess though

Currently I use the pelican head grater it works just fine , just wondering if there are any advantages


If you got lots of free labor, maybe your kids, you can certainly do it that way. Otherwise its a very labor intensive job. A grater may be quicker, but grated cheese is not as easy/fast to spread on a pizza. We use a vertical cutter that just blows through cases of cheese.

We used to do it that way back in the day. It works fine but it is time consuming. We use a Hobart vcm now and it does 20lbs in 30 secs ( freaky fast}. But I always keep the grinder as a back up, like when the switch broke on the Hobart.