Grinding my own cheese

Could someone tell me or direct me to info about grinding my own cheese ? Is it worth the effort or should I continue buying it all shredded in the bag ?

                                                    Thanks   Dino

Def worth the effort

Huge savings. Get something like the Robocoupe vertical cutter/mixer and the labor is so minimal.

If you have a dough machine you can buy an attachment that will fit in front of it and grind your cheese. I personal use a preshredded product and am more than happy to pay a little more and have no waste or labor cost.

It can kind of depend on your location. We used to grind our own, but we are located in a very high humidity area, which led to the cheese clumping together (making consistency and portion control difficult). Because of this, we switched to a pre-shredded LMWM mozz.

You also need to make sure that whoever is grinding the cheese is doing it to your specs. Smaller, lighter people may have some difficulty applying the same pressure as a big guy or gal! (If you’re shredding on a Hobart).

We use a Stefan VCM. I guess the savings is about 12 cents a pound for us. With use of 50,000 lbs in a year the savings is substantial. Shelf life is also very much improved which allows us to buffer our inventory needs without risk of product going bad. Waste is minimal.