grocery store receipts

Approached today by rtui. They do coupons on the back of grocery store cash register receipts. Does anyone have experience with this? Response rate? They claim pizzerias do great with this (of course). We would be looking at about 20-22k customers per month that shop at the grocery store & our ad would be on the back of the receipt 1-2 times, depending on the length of the receipt.

Thanks for any insight you can give.


sounds like a great idea…I am looking into different ways to get our name out there…depending on the cost…I would say do it for a few months…judge the results and see if its worth it

I’ve done these and only gotten a response with something for free or half price. The problem with these is any customer that likes the deal will have enough coupons for a lifetime. If you decide to do it, offer free breadsticks with purchase of a large pizza or something of the sort.

Another thing to keep in mind is a HUGE part of the cost of these is salesman commissions so the price they quote you can be negotiated significantly. If you play your cards right you can get this for 50-60% of their original quoted cost.

BY FAR one of the WORST RIO out there, I would RUN as fast as I could from that. Think about how many times have you used a coupon from the back of your grocery receipts?

If you expect folks to use them, there will need to be a discount…I have no idea of the cost or how much “cash flow” you have to give away, however, you might want to consider not giving a discount and using that money to send out more menus with no deals…IMO the customers that are gained by no deal menus will be better over time than those brought in by coupons…As I have said in the past, careful tracking and analysis of data is required to see what works best…

i have no experience with them but they call me all the time to sign up … i wont do it just cuz i have never used or know any one who uses those coupons.

I am part of the Don’t Do It crowd. I have a wallet full or receipts that have coupons on the back and have never even looked to see what is offered.

Tried it. Will never repeat.

I remember get approached a few years back to do it. It was a 3 month contract at a very expensive cost at the time (about $1800). The catch was that it was for only one discount dept store in an fairly average shopping centre outside of our delivery zones. When I asked about the major supermarkets, especially the one in our centre where we are based they said Domino’s and Pizza Hut had them all tied up.
They also wanted a substantial deal to offer such as buy one get one free.
Just recently the kebab shop next to us signed on and have only bot about 3 or 4 returns after more than that many weeks.
Unless you get the major retailers such as BIG supermarkets etc then forget about it.
In saying all this coupons are not big in Australia, except the ones where the supermarkets give 4c a litre off petrol from their own sites.

Thank you for the insight everyone. That is what my gut was telling me, but of course salesmen are so persuasive that I was thinking about it.

Often my business partner and discuss a new marketing idea one of the college kids throws our way that seems like a bad deal. After we’ve agreed it’s not good, we always say, “and we can pair it with a register-tape coupon and vinyl phone-book cover campaign!” Then we laugh.

Maybe it’s not as funny if those mistakes aren’t way back in your past…

Just sold an order of flyers (frisbees) to be tossed out at a hockey game…8 free garlic sticks with any order on some and 4 free dipping sauces with any order on the rest…

And years back I also did flyers for a client that was in a beach resort town…They handed them out to families at the beach…Seems to me that one was for a free bag of ice with purchase…And campers needed ice…

And I made some good money one summer selling phone book covers…lol…And we also sold paper place mats…

My yearlong contract (mandatory) ends with rtui in august. I will never do it again! Got a decent response but not enough to cover the cost