Ground Beef?

We are small shop and have been open nearly in year! We are getting several request for a ground beef topping but I’m not comfortable just browning some ground beef and tossing it on our pizzas, I don’t think it would have enough flavor! Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

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make meat ball and use for topping (crumpled).

I used to use medium ground beef and Montreal Steak Spice…If no Montreal Steak Spice in your area I suppose and kind will work…But just a light touch…

Brown your ground beef with some fine chopped onions, tomatoes, salt, and pepper. comes out great

We use a beef meatball and break it up. Easy. Portion control is built in.

Customers ordering ground beef have had ground beef before. They know what it’s going to taste like.

I smash down 3lbs of beef in a large deep dish pan with the flat end of a spatula then season it heavily with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. 1.5 runs uncovered and after 1 run I put a thin crust pan underneath the meat for the final half run so the drippings can drain from the beef. Let it cool for 10 mins and chop up with a dough divider and straight to the make table. Has plenty of flavor on it’s own and we sell about 3 lbs per weeknight as a topping and 2-3 times that on weekend nights. Not a huge demand but good to have something that’s not a pork product for certain appetites/diets.

I like to use 2oz beef meatballs broken up. Looks alot better than that beef topping they sell and alot easier than buying ground beef and cooking it.
I know your wondering about the red herring of what if someone orders hamburg and meatball what do you do???
While this is very seldom ordered here, besides the meatballs being sliced and hamburger getting broken in chunks, I add a little marinara on top of the Meatballs to give it a different apperence

I use fresh raw ground beef 80/20. I love it. And I have some customers who have ordered it often and like it.

I do as well. Very popular topping here.

Are you putting it on raw?

We used to do that at a store I worked at.
We we would break up a hamburger patty

We used to use it (Domino’s) up until the whole Jack-in-the-Box e-coli thing.
When I started, we used raw sausage, as well.
Had (has) to go on last to get cooked properly.

Yeah its raw. And it does go on last. I worked at a Dominos in Sioux falls, Idaho in 1996. Each GM would go pick up the ground beef daily from a butcher central to all 3 stores. Ground beef only topping was 20% of their sales. I dont get that good of a response to it. But I like it and I do have some regulars for it. Its on my supreme, and I love it. Its also from ALDI, not some fancy midwestern butcher.

I use fontanini Italian sausage medium size “hand pulled style” its precooked pellets and I think it is fantastic. But when it comes to beef pellets I have never had one that I enjoy.

Since long distance is free, I just called the dominos I worked at 22 years ago and asked them is the beef frozen or raw, and they said frozen. I assume it is no longer 20% of their sales.

That fontanini sausage hand pulled is what we use. Its incredible

I do, as well. Best sausage I found.
I did use their random thick sliced pep but it is THICK. Almost too much so.
I use Fontanini beef topping, too. That, too, was the one I liked the most.
Most meats at a DP store are frozen- all pre-cooked- they can’t use anything raw.

We are doing what a few others do here as well. We use our all-beef meatballs and crumble them up for our beef topping.

Get fresh ground beef season it cook it then crumble it up [emoji108]

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