Ground vs granular

I have always used granular garlic in a lot of my recipes. My truck just left and they sent me ground instead. Will this be more potent? Do I need to cut my recipes a bit? I have never used it, or even seen it for that matter.


You’ll find that you will have more material per volume than with the granulated. If you are using weights, then you should be fine. In my unfortunate experience, 1/4 cup of powder is wayyyy more potent than 1/4 cup granulated. That is assuming both are fresh and dry. Try using “some” then add a little at a time.

So if a recipe calls for 2 oz granulated, should I do 1 oz ya think??

Thanks man!

I’d say that scale weight measures ought to be good to go. Maybe drop back a half ounce and see. Then again, half the weight . . .taste . . then adjust will make a safe process that will avoid wasting a recipe.

next time use fresh garlic forget the dried stuff

Fresh does not give me the flavor profile that my granulated roasted garlic product does. I also get a much better dispersion of the garlic in the liquid than using the chopped fresh . . . I can use mine in about 12 hours with full flavor while the fresh needs at least 24 to 36 to get to full flavor in my cooler. I don’t plan to start making a salt paste with it so that it liquefies . . . I’ll stick with the granulated as it seems superior in my sauce for this one application.

Wow… I bought granulated garlic thinking that there would be more “lump” inside and therefore more flavor. But your statement about volume makes perfect sense. Air has no flavor.