growing our business

this site has been so helpful since we found it.heres our story we moved from las vegas to tn. very rural area took some money we had saved bought land on hi way built a little pizza shop 14 x 32 got everything up and running last nov.with the goal of making enough money to cover our living expensess and then some with hopes of hiring some one in a year to help us well after five months we got two girls working for us and doing good not great but good girls getting paid suppliers getting paid and us getting paid a little witch is okay we have some other income to pick up the slack. we dont live in a high income area lot of just unskilled workers and some factory type workers not alot of disposble income.great people though and will spend money when they have it. we see all of these books etc in the pizza mags about incresing your profits grow your biz just by this book or program etc. but we have no clue on best advertising to get new cust. promotions etc. we are carry out only with drive thru outdoor patio seating witch im thinking on closing in to add indoor seating and little more kitchen we just want to get the most bang for our buck any help would be great. by the way every one raves about our food we have quite a few regular cust but we really want to see some shinning new faces.

Holy ron-on sentence bataman.

That hurt to read.

The Black book is about to get a test here for us…

Yikes, capitalization is free in the Think Tank :wink: All smart aleck comments aside (since I type poorly and should not cast stones), here is the link for the unofficial FAQ listing. Look at doorhangers, marketing events, MARKETING & ADVERTISING , MARKETING AGAINST COMPETITION, all the way to the end. The collected wisdom from those links is beyond price anywhere in the marketing world. If you get specific questions after, that, or instead of that . . .then do ask. … hlight=faq