Growing trend in menu items

Hi guys:

I think there is a trend developing and I solicit your input.

It appears that with the growing number of pizza shops in most areas menu expansion is the trend.

It appears that with the growing competition for pizza sales many operators are opting for menu diversification to keep sales up and hopefully improve the bottom line.

There follows a list of items available from a fast growing chain.

Pizza round and Sq. BBQ ribs, Sandwiches cheese burger, Filet of fish, corned beef, spicy chicken sandwich, all with fries and cold slaw. Seven varieties of subs. Chu Batta Wraps 6 varieties,Wings, Chicken Dinners KFC style. Whole Rotisserie chicken. Spicy hot sausage links. Salads 5 varieties. Sea food, shrimp,perch,Cat fish, fish and chips, Cagin perch. Pasta Lasagana Mostacccoli. Twelve appetizers Six desserts.

What are you seeing in your areas?

George Mills


As someone who is just in the process of opening my first shop my comments are lacking experience. In my thinking I would think that it is important to know who you are and what you want to be to your customer and who is your competition. I mean if there are 3 burger joints or in my case 8 places that offer burgers in the same center, than I am not so sure people need another Burger choice. I have learned from this board that in some cases there is a need to be more things to more people as the choices in their market are limited and broader menu is needed. In my market I have really picked up on how the places that have been around the longest and have a very large and loyal following have in most cases very small and focused menu offerings but they do them well and they do them consistently over and over again.