Grub Hub and others (2021 updates)

I would like to hear everyone’s updated experiences with delivery services.

They seem to be a necessary evil at this point.

I have heard they aren’t as bad or slow as in previous years.

Any good experiences?

I do have my own delivery drivers (I need more but can’t seem to find any). I have elimitated most of the 3rd parties already, My logic in the decision is 30% food cost, 30% labor and 30+% to the 3rd party provider doesn’t make for a profitable venture for me. Add their bad attitude drivers who don’t know the first thing about hospitality to the mix and I get a bad taste in my mouth for the whole situation.
I seem to be just moving money for their benifit not mine.
Yes my sales are not as high as they could be but, I didn’t loose any profitability either.
I figured out I can make it without them.

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I refuse to use 3rd party services. Fees aside, if my guest has a bad experience, it’s my fault, not the 3rd party, because I CHOSE to use the 3rd party.

Yes, maintaining a delivery force is hard work. I spend at least an hour on recruiting, training, and retaining, every single day. However, I the ROI is very good for me, so I keep doing it.