GrubHub, I know your on this site

Now GH has their fingers in Yelp. I want to know how to get rid of online ordering off of our Yelp page. Call Yelp, they say call Eat24. Call Eat24 and they say their GH. Called our Rep multiple times and nothing gets done. I’m so tired of this crap. Yelp is everyone’s personal page.

We are having the same problem. GrubHub works just fine for us but we also have the Eat24 tablet and we are not able to update the Eat24 tablet at all. Call the reps and they say they’ll get back to you and they never do.

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Regarding grubhub, to be honest I would consider embracing it… as much as it’s annoying to deal with. They just merged with Seamless a couple months ago (ontop of aquiring eat24) creating the largest user database in the market. I did some recent analysis and our volume through the channel is up 20% since the merge. We even have <4 star Yelp ratings but our online grubhub orders through yelp, tripadvisor, etc. for NEW customers is present. Just through don’t ever give discounts, let NEW customers know discounts and value orders are on your website (and your loyalty/marketing system)… i.e. communication on pizza box.

The worst in my opinion is doordash. Without your permission, they post your menu, weeknight value deals (on the wrong days) and prices and don’t update prices. Charge your customers a $4-5 fee. No big deal if it brings in volume, however when customers call your store asking about an order or an issue… literally no visibility into what is happening. You can call them directly and disable.

p.s. “Slice” sucks… unless you really need online ordering and dont want to deal with a website. I tried them and turned them off. Minimal user database… and weird value prop (how many new customers could you aquire from a database that only involves pizza restaurants?)

My gripe is GH or anyone being on my Yelp page as third party online ordering. I have to pay a commission to them for being on MY YELP page. That’s BS.