Grubhub love it or hate it?

Who uses it?

do you love it or hate it?

i have used it in since we opened a year and a half ago. i like the amount of orders it generates. (between 5 and 15 a night) but we get charged $5 an order. with a minimum of $15 it sometimes isn’t worth it. it usually averages out to about %25.

Used it for about 2 months, did the math, not worth it.

Also they may have changed the policy, but they are double dipping on the charges. They include sales tax in what they charge for their fee, then pull out the sales tax before paying you.

hmmm i didnt catch that but will defiantly double check when i check the invoice again.

Full price orders - no discounts. But your % seems awfully high. My average price per order through GH is higher than my normal PPO. My % is only 11% and they are only pulling that off the net sales. They are not dinging me for % of sales tax or tips. They do include the fee from CC charges (which in fact may be higher than the rate I get even with keyed entry) but overall it is ok since again no discounts.

I average about 65 orders a week through it. About $1500. The fee extracted is about $165 for those sales. I don’t push it as an option - it is just “there”. I have noticed that I have many “business office” customers through it.

At our POS installer conference last week, several trainers mentioned how popular GrubHub/Seamless has become in certain areas—especially around Chicago. They commented that our restaurant clients are frustrated with the steep fees, but feel they would lose too much business by opting out.

So a lot of restaurants are trying to move GrubHub customers over to their own online ordering sites. One common method is to box-top every GrubHub order with an online ordering coupon for next time that’s valid only on the restaurant’s site.

yeah i do full price only also. here in Chicago Grubhub is a juggernaut every restaurant uses it and every restaurant pays a premium. $5 an order is average some places pay 25% or $7. other sites charge much less 7-11% but don’t produce nearly as much.

yeah, ive done that before. it seems people are very loyal to grubhub.

I pay 10% flat fee on my orders. Generally those orders are not my regular customers. I am surprised to see such a difference in pricing. At $5.00 standard fee grub hub is making more than you!

We were using Campus Foods which got bought out by Grubhub. They said nothing would change and they would honor pricing/fees from Campus Foods, but they did not. With campus foods, my deal was an 8% commission paid on Food sales only, not delivery charges, taxes, or tips. Grubhub wanted to charge on all. AND… Their customer service is horrible. When we had any issues with campus foods, a person always answered the phone within 1 or two minutes. With grubhub it was an average of 15-20 minutes before we could speak with someone. Several times I had problems that came up with an order, like grubhub somehow got a price changed that was whacky. We would call to try and get it fixed because the customer may not want it when they find out its five bucks more, and could never get through without a loooong wait.
We dropped them and I would not go back.