GrubHub Problems

I just cant believe how Stupid these people are. They’re constantly changing my sons menu online. Changing prices online. Changing toppings online. Changing delivery radius. Can you believe they have a 12" pizza for a topping to be added to his large pizza. You can talk to someone to fix something and the next day they change something else on him. Complete Retards.
If he cancels it a big chunk of change to loose. What should he do? Frustrated

Easy. Get rid of them. They have a lot of nerve charging 10-20% fees. There are many other options out there. If you have a pos system , ask your company if they have a online order module.

If your still on pen and paper, there are many companies that charge less for fax/email service.

I understand Grubhub’s business model. Mass market and charge a ton of money because everyone needs them.

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I do alot of business on grubhub, about 30% to be precise. They take 10% of so I started doing a online promo on our site that gives the customer 10% off each order online and I am specifically targeting the customers that order on grubhub. Problem is I dont accept paypal and grubhub does and thats the main way customers pay for their order, so for the meantime I dont really have a choice other than this.

Yikes 30%? Is there any profit left over?

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Is there a reason not to have a paypal account if you have no other choice?

The question is “are they buying from you because of PayPal ? Or because of your product/service?”

I see places have their own online ordering site and Grubhub and slowly migrate everyone over.

As a customer, I would take out my debit or credit card if I really liked your product and service . PayPal is a convenience for them.

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