Guaranteeing Competitors Pizza

Hi Guys,
I’m sure you’ve heard of this before, but I am about to launch a Guarantee that says if someone was to order a pizza from any of your competitors and are not happy with it then we will replace it with one of ours for free. Pizza Hut is about to open in our small town of about 7000 next week so I want to do something big. If you’ve done this, how do you keep track of it so you don’t get taken advantage of by the same people? My POS can use phone numbers, but every house has multiply phone numbers now days… I found a great video on youtube by a pizza place doing this and it seems like a awesome idea. ( … QDs7Otaw3o) Any advise would be great.

Why compete with coupons, it’s a race to the bottom. The coupon world has made food a commodity and people will treat it as such until we start to change. Add value and educate the public why you’re pizza is the best, pull out all the stops when it comes to customer service and quality. Do more to get involved in the community and they’ll respond positively. You probably know all this but I’m trying to get the world to change. Thanks.

How about taking before & after photos of the customers as part of the bargain. One photo with them sad holding their bad pizza, and another smiling with your pizza. Post them on your wall (real-world and facebook) - this will serve as marketing and as a deterrent to abusing the privilege.

This thread is a few years old but I just stumbled across it awhile ago and it seams like it may still be relevant and answer a few of your questions.


Good luck.

Brad your idea for the before and after pictures is pure genius! Thanks

This is basically part of Big Dave Ostrander’s guerrilla marketing. It is aggressive, daring, and demands you have absolutely exceptional product and even better service. Even put a humorous line in the notice:

*** Offer valid once per household. We empathize with unfortunate straying from the fold, but do not condone repeated self-abuse.