guarentied on time del.

does any one guaranty on time del

If you do, your insurance company will DROP YOU. The only companies that will insure a pizzeria that does delivery for the delivery liability specifically state that you CANNOT guarantee a delivery time. This is because of a dramatic lawsuit in the 80’s in which the Dominos guarantee was found to be motivation for drivers to drive unsafely, and MILLIONS were awarded to the victim of an accident involving a driver on a run.

A guarantee once had marketing value. But once delivery drivers started causing accidents and killing people trying to delivery pizza in a certain amount of time it was no longer useful.

When my wife and I moved out western pa, we ordered from this pizza place once a week. Every time they’d tell us 30 minutes and EVERY TIME it would get there no later than that 30 minutes. On average it would take 25 minutes. The food was great but the service is what kept us ordering.

Now that we bought into that very same franchise we try and do the same thing here. We always have drivers on call and everyone working inside is willing to take a delivery if it is getting to close to the 30 minute mark. It’s our goal to have every delivery to the customer within that 30 minutes, but it’s not a guarantee.

Yes, Dominos ruined it all for us. Now even twenty years later… people expect pizza to be delivered in under a half hour. They don’t care about or know what all goes into making that happen. Thanks a lot Dominos!!!

Seriously, it’s a lot. You have to have good and fast cooks, fast cut people, dedicated and knowlegable dispatch people and most of all, order takers who know what they are doing. Drivers with cell phones, maps and common sense can get it done, but there is those deliveries way out there, fifteen minutes from the store in good traffic, that’s 2 minutes to make it, 8-10 minutes oven time, 3 minutes to cut and package, another two to dispatch and get the driver out the door… already that’s 15 minutes or so just to get it out the door. 20 minutes to get to the house, it’s nearly impossible, especially if you are busy and the cooks are backed up, cut is backed up and drivers are taking three runs at a time.

I had a lady call me the other day for a delivery, she asked how long delivery times were running I told her 1/2 hour to 45 minutes, she said okay… I took her order then repeated it and quoted her the delivery time. She got all hissy and canceled it, I asked why and she said she wanted it in 15 minutes then said Dominos could deliver it in 20. I said well, good luck then.


Guaranteeing a delivery time is stupid. I’ve worked at pizza places for ten years and heard this time and again. The most recent place I worked at, a guy came in to order a large sausage and meatball pizza. He asked how long, and the manager said 20 minutes. He’s like “That’s too long.” Mind you, this was at 5:30 on a Friday night at a place that usually does $3,000 in sales a night. He left. Other people have asked to have their orders put ahead of everyone else’s. Some will call from across town during the rush and when they’re told “about 45 minutes” they say things like “You need to hire more drivers”. I wonder if they’d like to pay for those drivers. I mean if you have 30 orders on the board, my opinion is the customer will either have to wait, or call someone else. I would never tell a driver to break their neck getting a pizza there.
And, yeah, I hate Domino’s too for that 30 minutes or less thing. Twenty years later and people still say “Aren’t you supposed to get it to me in under 30 minutes?” Gee, they paid such close attention to the jingle, why didn’t they pay attention to who came up with it?