Guess that's why they are called DomiNO's

Hmmm…guess our new marketing campaign will be “Get the pizza YOU are paying for the way YOU want it” … index.html

Hahah, hard to imagine a name like DomiYES’s :slight_smile:

Training owners and employees to say “no” to a customer? I don’t see how this can possibly backfire!

Works for us… Try to order one of our “Crazy Eight” pizzas and change it up. Will not happen. That becomes a “create your own”. Different price.
Seriously, we as small independents really need to understand that people order from us because we sell real food vs whatever it is the big chains sell. We CAN charge more. We CAN set rules that make sense. The customers WILL play along and understand. If they complain, they were never your customer to start with.
They were a chain customer, Wal-Mart buyer, order from the next flyer that arrives in the mail kinda penny pinching consumer you do not want as a customer.
We can NOT compete in that arena and make a reasonable profit. We could do it and have to work 60-80 hrs a week for the equivalent of minimum wage. Knock yourself out, personally have zero interest.

We’ve structured our menu such that signature pies cost the same as if the individual sauces & toppings were ordered build-your-own style. Allows us to say “no problem” instead of “no” to additions/subtractions/substitutions and it all fits seamlessly into our operation.