Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? (Er, Lunch!)

Nick and I like to visit independent pizzerias in our area every weekend or so, but that usually limits us to an hour’s commute or less. Over the holiday weekend we might try to venture a bit farther afield, assuming we can find some open Independents.

Whether for this week or some future adventure, it just came to me that this board is a better resource than a Google search when it comes to finding places to visit.

If any of you guys are in Georgia, Alabama, the Carolinas or even southeastern Tennessee and are open weekend days, Monday nights or holidays please give me a shout out so I can add your info to my Sacred Book of Independently Owned Pizzerias.

Kim Sasso

Don’t worry that we might sneak in without your knowing it…if you are there when we arrive you won’t have any trouble recognizing us. Nick really does look exactly like the guy in our restaurant logo. (Because, well, that really IS Nick in our restaurant logo!)