gum line

what causes it and how to correct it .my dough mix is 13 cups water,2 tbsp yeast,4 tbsp yeast,4 tbsp sugar,32 cups of flour.i use high glutten flour.instant yeast cooking in a blogget stone oven at 500

We occassionally get this mainly when we use a lot of toppings with high moisture content - ie vegetarian pizzas. To overcome it try par baking the base just enough to firm the top and ten rub oil on the top of the base before saucing and topping. We have found this eliminates it.
There are heaps of post and advise in the archives under tis subject where others and Tom the Dough Doctor have addressed this subject.


I brush oil on the skins before we sauce. Like Dave said, the high-moisture pizzas seem to have more of a problem. For our vegetarian pizza, we started sprinkling Japanese bread crumbs (Panko) on top of the cheese before the toppings. It really helps to soak in the extra moisture. After it’s baked, you’d never know the bread crumbs were there. There is a commercial product that does the same thing, but Panko is about 20% the cost.