Gyro Machines?

Hi we are looking to sell gyro platters and chicken gyro platters using a gyro machine. We would prefer to use a gyro machine as it “adds credibility” to the authenticity and increases visibility inside the restaurant.

Does anyone have experience with gyro machines? Can you just purchase the meat and put it on the machine? Is it expensive per pound? Is it of high quality and better than frozen gyro slices?

We currently sell gyros using gyro slices and the quality is quite poor in my opinion. Want a high quality product that is easy to prepare. Will not sell poor tasting gyro platters or if preparation is too difficult.

Would like to use this to sell gyro platters served with rice, salad and potatoes. Thanks.

I’m not going to be the expert in all things “gyro” for you but if you’re near a Restaurant Depot I do know that they offer a selection of different gyro “cones” for sale as well as the braiser/cooker stands. Might be worth looking into.

Most good equipment distributors offer a range of gyro machines that have varying capacities. You should select a machine based on your expected production needs. In addition to cooking the meat, a gyro grill is going to act as a warmer until the meat is carved. From personal experience, I have found the difference in quality between frozen gyro meat and fresh cooked to be huge. It’s like the difference between a nice rotisserie chicken and a frozen chicken br**st. Hope this helps a little.

The word I got from Kronos reps is that the actual product is the same material. One in loafed and sliced, and the other is mooshed into a form for a cone. The cones are frozen and shipped around, and the sliced loaves are packed and frozen. The only way many people can get “fresh” is to make the ground meat mixture yourself and keep it refrigerated until placed on the rotating grill thingy.

All that said, I personally prefer the meat hacked from a rotating cone than the slices I sell in my gyros. It has a meatier “chew” to it. I have to use the slices because I simply don’t move enough product to warrant the expense, heat, space and potential waste of using the cones. Handled and prepared well, the slices are actually right tasty in their own right.