Hi Guys,
I’m looking to add gyros, one of my competing stores bit the dust and their flagship item was the gyros, not their pizzas :lol: Anyway, I don’t have room for one of those vertical holding jobbies, and I never ate there so my knowledge of his product is nil. I’ve always done well creating my own recipes and styles just need a starting point. I’m doing extremely well with all my Southwest products maybe something may wanna look into for something new, easy to do and should already have most of the ingredients. Later


I reckon you could just buy the “roll” and slice it order & grill it, & I know pre-cut slices are available (Kronos brand) so that might point you in the right direction

just buy the frozen slices, pitas, and tzatziki sauce and you are goog to go…RD stocks all these items as well

I agree with the others to get the frozen strips…Our sysco house had three to choose from.

Tzatziki Sauce can be made from scratch pretty easy…and tweaked the way you like it…

We did a Gyro pizza for our pizza of the month…went over very well and is being considered for our 2010 new menus but we are already adding a few specialty pizza and don’t want to add too many…

Been keeping up on this thread… I helded off to respond, but thought I’d bring my Greek wife over here to read it.

Anyway it depends on how authentic you want to be and how you will promote it imho. I live in Greece for over 4 years.

anyway my wife says “it will suck, don’t do it” in response to the frozen deal.

Gyros are the same thing in this concept: “pizza is just sauce and cheese” etc… well you can’t do the same thing for Gyro and be authentic. You would be out of business quickly in Greece just as you would be out of business selling phrozen pizza’s…

of course Americans don’t understand good gyros so you might get away with it. Just giving some insight.


As was mentioned before, like pizza you gotta decide how far down the line you want to go. Frozen slices . . . the formed cone and rotisserie . . . grinding and preparing your own shwarma and grilling it for gyros . . . alternative roast seasoned lamb.

Thee are lots of ways to get into the “gyros” market, and you gotta decide where you are diving in. There are varying levels of “heresy” and ways to make it an outrage . . . and it is a business decision. We use the slices simpl because the volume does not warrant a move up the line. We would toss 90% of a cone, and making my own is a lot of work for ow movement. we have enough interest to keep it on line, just not enough to go big guns. It is VERY tough getting a slice to be both crisp and tender, believe me. The key to the best texture IMHYCO is having crispy and tender hunks.

Make your own tzaziki or storebought? Yoghurt based or sour cream? All natural or with stabilizers? What pitas will you use . . . Kronos, Grecian Delight, Toufayan, or some other? Make your own flatbread, for pete’s sake?

All business decisions just like pizza. Where to spend the money, the labor, the equipment and the storage space.

We have a newer product called beef steak pieces which is a thinly sliced 1/16”x 3/4”x 1 1/2” beef strip.

For more information visit our New Products Page and Beef Steak Pieces are listed on the right.

We have a gyro beef topping and a newer product called beef steak pieces which is a thinly sliced 1/16”x 3/4”x 1 1/2” beef strip both of which may work well for this type of application.

For more information visit our beef topping[/url] page or [url=]New Products Page and Beef Steak Pieces are listed on the right.

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