Hello All, once again looking for some help. I would love to add gyros to my menu but all we have is a microwave and a conveyor pizza oven is this possible>? right now when we get an order for a philly we spray a deep dish pan throw in some onions place the frozen steak on top sprinkle with a little salt and pepper run it threw the oven chop it up when it comes out put it on a sub roll with cheese and slide it back in just far enough to toast the roll and melt the cheese would this work with gyros also? i am not familiar with gyros at all so any help receipies ect… would be grateful

Yes I am sure people make gyros in everyway possible…but if you want great ones…then you need the vertical broiler. Grecian Delight makes some of the best gyro meat out there. They do make a pre-cooked and sliced option that might work for you if you do not want to or cannot add the broiler set up. Their Chicago blend has a little more of a unique kick too it over the regular meat. I am sure you could get some samples from a local distributor that carries them and see what works and tastes best for your situation.

Hmmmm, why not add some baklava and egg rolls while you are at it? :smiley: