H.o.g. rally

We’ve been asked to be 1 of 2 food vendors state hog rally at a dealership. We are going to do hot dogs and hamburgers, they are guessing 700 people. It’s an all day event, but dealer is right next to hooters. I’m guessing 50% of people buy food and of those 50% half but from us plus 15% margin of error.

The figures I see from vending events is about 10-%-20% of the attendees purchase food, then divide that by the number of vendors at the event.

With those low attendance numbers, I would pass.

Well we broken even, but the exposure was priceless and they made us an official vendor for harley events. But that was a lot of work. The other food vendor was a food truck and we had 20 people in line for 5 burgers and brats while they were dead with 10 sandwiches. It was fun to get out of the store for a day and be around girls, bikes, and beers.

So, did my food sales estimates ring true?
We did some vending at the “Tomahawk Fall Ride” this year, we did not make money, but we did not lose money. And the crew had a blast seeing all the bikes.