Had a Dominos Pizza tonight!

Well, It has been years since I had one so I said what the heck and had one delivered. Original crust and some cheese bread. What a waste of money. It did not look all that bad but it tasted like a dirty kitchen sink sponge. Literally! The top was a little crispy but the crust, although browned, was a wet sponge. My 4 y/o barely got a piece down and didn’t ask for more. It was really bad. The cheese bread looked good also, but inside the shreaded cheese still had its shape…no melting occured. The taste…the same sponge crust with a lot of cheese. Bottom line…cheap crap that was inedible. 2 of 8 pieces eaten and 3 of 8 cheese sticks. If this is their new and improved pizza I really am glad to have passed on the old recipe. :roll:

Price Breakdown:
Pizza & Cheese Bread $11.98
Dipping Sauces (2) $1.00
Delivery Fee $2.00
Tax $1.05
Total $16.03
Tip $3.00
Adj. Total $19.03

For some interesting comments from the delivery drivers…see the rest in the delivery thread! :arrow:

Michael-Michael-Michael! You really had me going there, I thought you were one of the brighter guys on the boards! :lol:

But…now I realize you were simply taking one for the team in the name of research! Thank you for sparing the rest of us the pain of having to face a soggy pie.

I can see why drivers get p1ssed at guys like you.
Your bill including $3 tip came to $19.03.
Why didn’t you just give him $20 and say keep the change. Then his tip is $3.97 and he doesn’t have to scrounge around for the 97c change. :?
No wonder the drivers take umbrage to you :stuck_out_tongue:

OK… it has been 6 hours now and I cannot get this taste to go away! I have tried everything from mouthwash, mints, gum, alcohol…and all I get is a modified pizza taste. I now know the foolproof way to advertise any pizza operation. Give them a free $5 pizza and then a coupon for one of yours at full price!!! :idea:

For Dave: If it was cash I would have but I charged it on their online system. So on a $12.98 food cost the driver made $4 tip & fee. Not too shabby! If I knew that this crap would stick around in my mouth for this long I would have rounded up to $100 if he would not have shown up!!! :shock:

Been about 6 months since my last experience…again sounds about right. I immediatley stopped using cornmeal as a duster after getting their pizza as it was soo greasy yet the bottom was embedded with cornmeal and gross. I thought about if my pizzas ever had that same apprearance so I switched to using wheat flour.

Well the 24 hour update that I just shared with Daddio. Tonight I cubed up some beef tenderloin and had fondue with the family. Started with a nice raspberry balsamic organic leaf salad with cherry tomatos, pears, and fresh mozz. Sauteed some asparagus wrapped in bacon. Good hard crust country french from the co-op with some honey butter, and a curry & marjoram (the spice) dipping sauce. I decided that with last night being such a disaster I would have one of my favorite meals tonight. All I can say is…AWWWW! Roll me to bed baby! 8)

Did you tip yourself $3 ???

Nope I am on salary and do not work off of tips! 8)