Had a young jazz band playing at my place tonight.

I have this extra space that I am not using. actually it measures half of my entire restaurant with a dividing wall. I had a local player approach me last week about playing(ages teenagers- 20) non alchol
and it rocked. I think I’m on to something to this teenage-under 21 age group that has no place to go. Ther were well behaved, cleaned up and bought a lot of food.

I am also thinking about starting a wii tournament over a six week period with the final winner getting $500

This age group has no where to go and they all come from upper class areas.

Is anyone doing any of this???


btw- sales rocked tonight!!! and my wheels were spinning on this idea

You ARE on to something here. I wish I had the space to do something like that. Nice job!

Sometimes this youth demographic is more thuggish than the youth from the ghetto.