Had to Laugh

On Friday night I was saying to a driver that we need to ESP now (after a customer thought we delivered automatically just because we have delivered to them before). The driver mentioned how Domino’s have your details (from caller ID) ie name, address, phone etc. One of our counter girls chirped up… “So do Domino’s have ESP”. Driver and me cracked up, with the girl standing there looking at us wondering what she had said. As the VISA ad says “PRICELESS” :lol:


I feel like an airhead because that just went right over my head. I don’t get it???


lol, reminds me of my newfews girlfriend… she said she had a Staph Infection because she got a cold from the “Staff” at her work :roll:

also, I have ESP… i see that your counter girl will not be there for long :twisted:

:lol: :lol: