Had to share some light pizza humor.

Hi Everyone,
A friend of mine sent me this and just had to share (Image Attached). I wonder if they were able to find anyone, haha.

I am so stealing that.

I would love to know the story behind the one that pushed him over the edge to put this sign up. I’m sure it was a good one.

Wish i could use that one :smiley:

Most frustrating part of the business. Without a doubt. Where are the guys like me when I was younger? Not applying at my store, that’s where.

I’m at about that point right now due to the lack of intelligence I have been seeing.
I’ve got 2 more coming in for interviews today, and letting another one go. I really thought that 5 weeks on the job this this certain 30 year old individual might be enough time where he may figure out how to tell 2" deep pans from 4" deep pans. I guess I was wrong. I did not think warewashing was a technical position. After his first day here, I decided to check references, and every reference that I called said “Poor Performance” was his reason for dismissal. Am I really required to check references for the dish pit?? Really?
I could fill a page with the idiocy that I’ve dealt with this summer and I’m about at the end of my patience.

Did I ever share the picture of the guy who showed up for his first day of work wearing pajama bottoms, bathrobe, & slippers? I gave him an hour to go home and dress appropriately, and never saw him again.

Or the server that I just hired at the end of June, I was mildly concerned when her father and her husband both came in to verify that she applied here, they thanked me for hiring her, then on her 2nd day, she tells us she needs off July 3rd through the 10th.
She would simply disappear during our busy periods, nobody knew where she was and we are all too busy to hunt her down. So I clocked her out, wrote a payroll check, and said goodbye

A chef buddy of mine and I went out for lunch on Monday, and every other restaurant owner we ran into asked if we had anyone we could spare, we are all hurting for reliable help with a clue up in this area. If you can speak clearly, and stand on 2 feet, you can find a job in this area, yet we are all short staffed.

every year that goes by,it seems to get harder and harder to find good help.other local managers have the same or similar complaints!once I had a driver show up 10 minutes late on his first day,because he needed to gas up for work!! I`ll never forget my first and only person the sent me the text message and I quote"I quite".the kicker is he asked me for a job a couple of years later!!

So it’s not just me that is getting inundated with people who have never seen a pizza let alone work in a pizza store applying for a pizza maker job even though the advert stipulates must have pizza making experience. Even got some who said they have experience making pizzas at home every now and then.
Have we really come to the brain dead zombie days ???

I didn’t need to fire a guy afterall, he was hired by the local lumber mill as a boiler operator. (YIKES) He couldn’t operate a dish-machine, but somehow he thinks he is going to operate a wood-fired boiler at a commercial lumber mill?
We all have bets that he gets fired within 1 week for incompetence. I got the lowest number, I say they launch him before his first lunch break.

Just finished interviewing someone for an Assistant Manager position. When I asked her why she feels she would be a good candidate for the position she asked me what position was she here for because her son applied for her.

lol!!! class act!