Half Sheet and Full Sheet Pizza Screens?

I have a half sheet pan pizza that requires me to cook one and a half times to be fully done in my conveyor oven. I par bake 1/2 way, pull it out, top it and put it through full way. I’ve tried changing my finger profile and adjusting time and temps but the settings that the half sheet pan cooks to my liking affect my regular round pizzas and I am unable to find a happy medium. Through searching online I found a pizzeria who posted a picture of there full sheet pizzas but it didn’t look like they were on pans. I was able to find the screens on webstaurant.com. I tested a half sheet size on a 18" screen and it cooked perfectly. My question is does anyone else cook them on screens and if so what is your procedure on stretching the pizzas on the full sheet pan size screen as I would add those to the menu if I’m able to get them to cook fully once through the oven.